Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Secret to Shopping and how to Snag the Deals

I'm a self professed J. Crew Junkie. I love their clothes, but hate their prices so I relegate myself to bottom feeding the sales tab. Here's a little secret I've learned from shopping their website. I've noticed that J. Crew updates their sales merchandise assortment and sizes every morning around 7 AM (EST) and big updates happen on Saturdays & Sundays. If something becomes sold out as you are shopping (this happens to me often) don't fret, check back over the next few days or weeks. The style/size will most likely appear on the site again. I'm not sure why the website does this. It's quite peculiar. Currently, I'm trying to buy a few tops for my wife, one style being the French School Girl Shirt, but every time I go to check out it says SOLD OUT!