Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Forward Pleated Trousers

I enjoy vintage looks and right now I'm fascinated with forward pleated trousers! I really want a pair in either twill or chino that I can wear on casual days this spring. It's fun to have variety in your wardrobe.

Forward Pleated pants are old school fashion. We're taking Pre-WWII and mainly British. Most modern day pleated pants are reverse pleats, meaning the pleats face the side pockets. Forward pleats face the zipper.

It's a classic silhouette. The pleats flare out around the hip. It's a style everyone feels they are familiar with the style because they seen it in old movies, but never realized the pleats are going a diffferent direction then today.

I managed to find a few places that sell Forward Pleated Pants.

Bill's Khakis - Makes them in a few different weights. I think the poplin would be most appropriate for spring.

Macys.com - A Polo style actually. Not a bad price either.

J.L Powell - A catalogue that I've become quite enamored with recently. They have some beautiful garments and a few styles with forward pleats.