Monday, February 18, 2008

Got Razor Burn? I Can Help

Razor Burn is the scourge of many men after they shave. I've read the sites that explain how to treat or prevent razor burn with exfoliants, lotions, or shaving techniques and everyone of them is misguided.

The sure fire way to avoid razor burn is to shave while taking a shower.The shower needs to be hot and steamy and shave after you have done everything else (shampooed, rinsed, etc). This gives the skin ample time to hydrate and the pores to open up. Your razor will glide over your face like never before.

There is no need to replace your current razor and shaving cream brand, but you have to buy a Mirror, so you can see what your doing in the shower.

I shave with a Gillette Mach3 and Kiss My Face Moisture Shave (Cool Mint Fragrance). Both products are great and I never have razor burn. I did try the Gillette Fusion Razor and found no reason to switch from my trusty Mach3.