Friday, February 15, 2008

I Wear Lands' End Dress Pants

I know what you're thinking... Lands' End.. Their clothes are so traditional and unexciting.

I say "Don't be a label whore. Looking great is about a good fit and quality construction. Not about the name on the label."

Truthfully I've seen many luxury brand dress slacks that are poorly constructed. Lands' End has never disappointed me with their quality.

So here's the dirt on the goods. Not too long ago Lands' End started offering tailored fit pants. I'm glad they listened to my emails! I own 3 pairs of Year Rounders and I'm completely satisfied. These trousers have a great slim fit, quality construction and the price cannot be beat.

I've never been able to find a decent wool trouser for under $70 at regular price. Plus, if you aren't satisfied Lands' End has a great return policy.

I think I'll buy a few pairs of twill pants for the spring and let you know my thoughts.

Oh and Remember, always check Lands' End Overstock page for even better deals. Its updated often.