Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Let's talk Dress Socks.

There is nothing worse than a pair of dress socks past their prime. Just today I saw one of our executives wearing an old pair of socks.

People notice things like this. Just like shoes.

Do you often hear snickering behind your back at the office? Maybe it's your skanky socks peeking out from under your slacks.

Here is Your Dress Sock Action Plan:

1. Throw out socks that are discolored, pilling, or even worse the elastic breaking apart. Do this every few months.

2. You don't have to spend a lot of money on dress socks. Purchase socks from Wal-mart, Target, or the equivalent discount chain.

3. Try to buy only cotton spandex blends. Synthetic fabric blends freak me out. Your feet need to breath or they will smell. I also only wear leather upper footwear.

I learned the hard way not to buy expensive socks. I Once bought several pairs of Gold Toe wool dress socks for an outrageous amount of cash thinking they would be better and last longer. They weren't any more comfortable and it turned out that they lasted no longer (maybe even had a shorter life span) then a much cheaper cotton spandex version.