Friday, February 1, 2008

Which is better? Flat Front Dress Pants or Pleated Dress Pants.

It's a proverbial question for men.

I'm going to tell you the facts on each style and by the way neither is better than the other. It's all about what fits you best.

Let's start with pleated dress slacks. The pleats create room across the front of the pant (The hip and thigh). Pleated dress pants naturally have a relaxed fit.

A larger framed man will find pleated pants more comfortable because of the extra room. The pleats will release and have a nice drape across the front.

A word of caution, the pleats shouldn't be too forward on the pant or they will fold out too easily. Many times I've seen the pleats positioned incorrectly. The absolute most inward a pleat should be is inline with the natural front crease of the pant and fold just after the first belt loop.

Slender men should not wear pleated pants. The pant will be baggy across the front because the extra fabric will not have anywhere to spread across and it will end up gathering/bulging. I'm not even sure why they make pleated pants in smaller waist sizes. If you are slender and prefer to wear pleated dress pants, buy them with only one small single pleat to minimize the gathering.

Flat front dress slacks fit best on men with a slender build. The fit is generally less relaxed. When standing, if the fabric is stretched and bunched around the front your pants they don't fit correctly. Either you have to find flat front dress pants with more room across the front or try pleated dress pants.

My 2¢ is pick the style that fits you best. Personally, I wear flat fronts because I have a small frame. Pleats look ridiculous on me. It's rubbish to say pleated pants aren't as fashion forward as flat front pants. The reason you see younger men wearing flat front pants over pleated pants is because their body types are generally more slender. Look sharp and choose what fits you best.