Friday, February 8, 2008

Your Watch should Give a Great First Impression

Dwight Schrute may wear a Casio calculator watch and Bill Clinton an Iron Man watch, but you should invest in a nice looking time piece for work.

A watch is a high profile part of your work attire, so it should portray refinement and style.

The favorite watch I own is a Titanium Citizen Eco-Drive with a silver face. My wife bought it for me. It's subtle, sleek, lightweight, and accessorizes with everything. At the time she bought it, I did a lot of garment measuring and my other watches were heavier on my wrist. I still wear it almost every day. It's a great watch and I like that it makes an eco-friendly statement. My watch was an extension of my lifestyle.

It's the details that are important to think about when selecting a watch. Keep your lifestyle in mind during the selection process.

Remember the amount of physical activity you do at work. The more you do the more durable the watch should be. You may want a stainless steel case and a sapphire crystal over a mineral glass with gold case both of which can scratch easier. Metal link wristbands are sturdier, but heavier than leather bands.

Think about cost. This should always play into the equation. Don't feel like you have to own a Rolex. There are plenty of brands out there like Tissot and ESQ. I bought my wife a stainless steel bracelet band Tissot with a mother pearl face and she loves it.

A friend of mine is a watch fanatic. I think he owns at least 30 watches He loves to shop They do have a great selection and varied prices. I've also seen some great pieces in Filene's Basement jewelry counter.