Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Doc Martins, UK, Seattle, Starbucks & Curt Cobain

I'm being nostalgic and reminiscing about my Doc Martin's. I heard they were being made in the UK again. I checked and its true!

I had a pair 8 hole black patent leather doc's. They were a great pair of shoes. I don't remember what happened to them. I'm getting old I guess.

Remember the days of Grunge music (Seattle was ground zero not WTC), Flannels (Top designers had models walk the catwalk wearing them), Moshing (kids today wouldn't know what that is because there isn't a you tube of it, after all this is while the internet was in its infancy).

I can easily see the classic Doc Martins styles make a come back. All it takes is one star or one great product placement to make the brand hot again. I heard they were doing ads in several fashion magazines.

The world has changed a lot since the 90's. Could you imagine today if Curt was still around. Would he be sipping coffee with Francis Bean in a Seattle Starbucks while wearing his Docs? Is that the ultimate consumerism.