Thursday, March 6, 2008

Finding the Perfect Undershirt

I'm real picky when it comes to undershirts. The reason why is that the inferior undershirt can ruin the best fitting dress shirt.

I hate undershirts that have no form, that are scratchy, and short in length. If you ever get the combination of all three watch out!!!

I have to say that there is no worse sensation than having your undershirt become un-tucked underneath your dress shirt. Just thinking about it skeeves me out.

Let's talk about what to look for in an undershirt:

1. Softness is Paramount. Stay away from undershirt made from carded cotton. You tell carded cotton by the hand. It feels stiff and scratchy. Buy undershirts made of 100% Ring Spun Combed Cotton. They are soft and fuzzy and will last longer.

2. The person who invented tubular cotton should be shot. This is a method where cotton fabric is knitted into a tube, so there aren't any side seams. It's a cost effective production process, but last time I checked people aren't shaped like pipes. Buy shirts that have side seams. There is a good chance it will have a decent shape. Buy the appropriate size, an undershirt should fit snug on one's body.

3. Its' very important to pay attention to the length. An undershirt for a dress shirt needs to be longer than your average t-shirt because you want it to stay tucked in. Often undershirts are too short! One's undershirt should end at least 4 inches below your waistline.

I exclusively wear Stafford Undershirts. I've worn them for over 10 years now. The quality is topnotch and fit is perfect. I usually wait for when they go on sale.

A Stafford undershirt lasts me about 18 months. I know it's time to replace the shirt once it stops holding its shape, the neck is stretched out, or the shirt appears yellowish.