Friday, March 21, 2008

The Power of Price Adjustments

Yesterday I went back to the Banana Factory Outlet Store.

I needed to return some of merchandise that I bought and I wanted to get my price adjustment. It was the 7th day from the original purchase date. Getting price adjustments is part of my shopping routine. I'm always espousing the benefits of price adjustments.

Right now you probably are making a bizarre face and thinking eww, he gets price adjustments.

I have no idea why there is a bad stigma associated with them. It's like buying the store brand! What a faux pas that is.

Back the story. Remember those pants I bought? I used my 20% coupon to give me a $48 price tag. Now they are runnning a 40% off sale and I picked up an additional $19.20 in savings. The $59 pants now cost me $29. Quite a savings when all said and done.

If I had known about the sale I would have bought more with my 20% off coupon and had really cleaned up on the price adjustment!