Friday, March 14, 2008

The Secret to Buying the Perfect Pique Polo Shirt.

As spring arrives there is the annual onslaught Pique Polo Shirts in stores. Just about every retailer has a table of Pique Polo Shirts (AKA Golf Shirts or Tennis Shirts) front and center. With so many options, it's hard to choose which brand is best.

I look for a combination of quality, fit and price. The brand doesn't matter to me much, but I do have a soft spot for the Alligator and own a several Lacoste Shirts. That is more a love affair than anything.

Here are the Key features found in a Quality Pique Polo Shirt

1. Pique Fabric should feel soft and buttery. Stay away from Pique fabric that is overtly fuzzy. This usually means that is cheap fabric that the mill brushed to have it appear to be nicer than what it really is.

2. Make sure the color of the collar and ribbing at the armholes match the color of the shirt. I've seen some awful shading on shirts.

3. Two or Three Button plackets?? Here is my advice on the matter. Two button plackets look better on shorter men. The length of the two button placket is in proportion to the length of the torso. If you are taller, it's the converse and three button plackets look better.

4. The sleeve opening should hit mid bicep not elbow! I hated over the elbow sleeves.

5. Armhole openings should be ribbed and not folded over sleeve fabric.

6. I like either the folded over placket or sewn on. What matters most is that the placket is straight! Crooked plackets look horrible!!!

7. The fit is pretty standard. The shirt should be form fitting, not to loose not too tight. That depends on your style.