Thursday, March 20, 2008

Update - Pigment Dye Tee's

I've been hoodwinked by Target! My post on pigment tee's is incorrect. I will have to search for a new brand of pigment dye tee's to buy.

I finally got a chance to buy a few pigment dyed Merona Label Tee's at Target last night and I noticed they changed the neck construction this year to what J Crew is doing!!!!

I hate it when they use an overlock stitch to attach the neckband to the shirt body. Please! Please! Please! Use a top stitch!!!

Of course the Cherokee Tee's have the neck the way I prefer, but they aren't pigment dyed and the sleeves are way too long. Now I'm bummed

Here's a few photos of what I mean.

The neck construction that I hate!

The neck construction that I like!

Trust me, the construction on the Cherokee shirt is far superior.