Monday, March 10, 2008

Where to Buy Vintage Pigment Dye Pocket Tee's

I'm a self confessed J. Crew Junkie and have always bought their pigment dyed t-shirts until J. Crew changed the design of the shirt. The neck rib is now thinner and no longer is their top stitch a long the neck that helps keep the neck flat. I was pretty bummed. I love the the way a pigment dyed t shirt wears and looks, but did not like the way the neck looked on the J. Crew Tees. I often pondered what would I do when my shirts wore out....

My mood dramatically changed when one day last summer I was in Target and I saw a table of pigment dye tees! I rubbed my eyes. I couldn't believe it! I excitedly tried a medium on right in the aisle. It Fit! It Fit! I bought two right away. The shirts had the Cherokee Label in the neck. They were only $9.99. Ha! J. Crew, your shirts are $24!

This year Target is selling their Pigment Dye Pocket Tee's under their Merona Label for $9.99. I have highly praised this label here and here. I can't wait to see the tees in the store.

You can still buy last year's Cherokee Style Tee here at a steal of $3.99! The colors were true, fit fantastic, and length classic (long).

J. Crew, I still love you, but get you act together with pigment dyed t-shirts. I do admit you have some great colors. Maybe when they hit clearance...

I had to update this post because Target Hoodwinked me! I noticed this when I got a good close up.