Monday, April 14, 2008

Have a Wedding? Need a Tux? Are you the Groom, Planning for the Wedding Party or a Guest? You got options.

My Basic thoughts on Wedding attire.

Renting is the most popular option for everyone. Personally, I don't like to rent. The suits are ok for what they are (a rental), but the shirts resemble tissue paper, and the shoes are awful. If I have to rent, I see if I can wear my own shoes and shirt. A nice pair of black patent leather shoes can be bought at DSW for a $100 or less. Stick to classic styles leather soles and you will have a great pair of shoes for many years. A decent Tuxedo shirt can be bought from JC Penney's. Sometimes when I go out, I wear my Tuxedo shirt un-ironed sleeves cuffed up with jeans or chinos. It's a great look and more exciting than the average crumpled dress shirt look.

Buy a Tuxedo. This option sounds expensive, but it doesn't have to be. Syms, K&G, JC Penney carry reasonably priced Tuxedos. I've also heard good things about Tuxedos Direct. They have a classic notch lapel style Tuxedo Package for $550. Not a bad price. Plus you will have a better fit than a rental because you can have alterations done. This option is great for someone who thinks they will use the tuxedo a few times. It will easily pay for itself. Rentals cost $200 on average. I admit the fabric that these tuxedos are made of isn't exceptional, but it is acceptable and at least on par with rental tuxedos and let's face it, you wear a tux for such a limited amount of time that no one will notice the fabric. If you want to spend around $800 to a $1000, the Tux will be made of a finer wool fabric.

Forget the Tuxedo all together and wear a suit. My wife and I had a small wedding with only a best man and maiden of honor. My best man and I wore dark navy suits and matching. It looked sharp and gave the wedding a more laid back feel to it. A suit is definitely reusable, so ask your wedding party if they don't mind buying a suit or if the funds are available, buy the suits. It could be the Groomsman gift. Have an outing at the Brooks Brothers Store.