Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Jerry will you twirl my Prince of Wales Swaine Adeny Brigg Umbrella

The umbrella twirlers have been busy the last few days. Remember the patented Seinfeld Twirl? I love that episode! I own a nice black Totes umbrella that has the button to pop it open and close it down. It's been reliable for the past few years and I thought my umbrella was pretty fancy until I came across Swaine Adeny Brigg's website. Their collection of umbrellas is iconic. They make my handy Tote umbrella look like it came from the Family Dollar. If you too are impressed with these umbrellas, I noticed that J. Peterman has one for purchase on his website for $350, which may be a steal considering the shipping expense from the UK you would pay ordering direct from Swaine Adeny Brigg.