Friday, January 22, 2010

My non-techie Nexus One review

There are tons of articles critiquing the finer points Google's new phone and arguing how is not as good or better than the iPhone or Droid, so why bother myself and go into that ugliness.

Plain and simple it's an awesome phone. If you want a smart phone you won't be disappointed. It's OS is faster than any other of the T-Mobile Android offerings. The speech recognition is probably the coolest feature on the phone and the screen is bright and crisp

I bought the unlocked full price phone because I have an existing family plan with a $4.99 T zones data plan. I keep reading posts from people saying that the Nexus won't work with T-zones. They are dead wrong, it works just fine and I get 3G service. It's a misnomer that there are different data plans. They are all the same, just priced differently by marketers. So if you have an existing T-Mobile plan with a dirt cheap data plan buy the unlocked phone, you will save $20-30 a month in service fees. All those people whining about the price of an unlocked don't realize it's actually cheaper to buy an unlocked phone if they have T-zones. I've also read people are saying T-Mobile will close up the loophole, well if that happens I will be the first one to complain to the FCC.